The Sound of Silence

by John de Clef Piñeiro

Alla Borzova: The Animal That Drank Up Sound (2000). Zara Lawler, flute; Patrick Leyden, clarinet; Deborah Sunya Moore, vibraphone; Neil Parsons, euphonium; choreography by Nusha Martynuk. Presented by Tales & Scales. Arts Connection, NY, NY. November 3, 2001.

"What would we do without sound - without music or movement or art? What would happen if the world lost its voice?" With these questions, Tales & Scales, "the nation's only musictelling ensemble" (as the sixteen-year old, four-person troupe of extraordinarily supple and visually engaging virtuoso performer/ musicians describes itself in its newsletter), sets the conceptual stage for a work that can only be described as a masterpiece of musical imagination in motion.

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