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New Music Connoisseur is offering this space to all organizations and individuals engaged primarily in the creation, interpretation and support of contemporary music. Our definition of "contemporary music" encompasses all forms of symphonic, chamber and theater music, covering not only music by living composers but by those of the past who practiced styles of music still considered "modern." Such styles and genre begin with impressionism and go on to include other isms, as well as progressive jazz, electroacoustics, certain "New Age", and music sometimes referred to as crossover. Note*

Our Yellow Pages will provide web site links wherever available. This directory will appear as a compendium of many lists arranged by subject or category, just like the Yellow Pages. What you are seeing now is only the beginning.

Submit Your URL

To make this section blossom into a fully developed directory, we are depending on you to submit your URL in as many as three different categories. The listing service is essentially free. (See below for an enumeration of details and disclaimers.) When you send us your URL, please describe as concisely as possible your or your organization's raison d'etre , such as "composer service organization offering live concerts and a score library." That example covers two categories, which we might publish as ORGANIZATIONS COMPOSERS CONCERT PRESENTATIONS and as ORGANIZATIONS COMPOSERS SCORE LIBRARY. If you are a composer and want to be listed, please provide your musical specialty if you have one, such as, opera, musical theater, media, commercial jingles, vocal music, concert music, etc. Or whether you have been commissioned for your work or have won major prizes. The smaller the list you find yourself on the quicker will you reach readers. Otherwise you will be listed just as COMPOSER and appear on a long list. To be sure you get the greatest opportunity to be found, we will generously use cross-referencing, but which also requires some specificity.

Send your URL, description and categories to Barry, nmcpublisher at yahoo.com.

If you have any questions, comments, or corrections to this service page please contact Barry, nmcpublisher at yahoo.com, or Michael, webmaster at newmusicon.org.

Additional or Exclusive Entries

For those who wish more than three listing positions, there will be a charge of $15 for each additional listing; for those with an exclusive classification (e.g., TEACHER—ONDES MARTENOT – DETROIT AREA) the same charge would apply. If you have certain favorite URL’s (related to new music) that we may not know about, you can send us as many of those as you wish.

Banner Ads Available

The New Music Yellow Pages is accepting small banner ads at a rate of $75 to run one full year. You may change your listing categories, if not satisfied at first, but no more than one change per year.

Banners must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format and 468 x 60 pixels in size. You can send the graphic and URL or, if you prefer to serve the graphic from your web site, send the HTML code with the graphic and link URLs. This gives you the flexibility of changing the graphic as needed. Send your ad submission, along with your contact information, to Barry, nmcpublisher at yahoo.com.

NMC reserves the right to reject your request to be listed, after visiting your web site, if we judge that your service does not fall within our parameters. However, you have the right to challenge that if you have good reason.

Further Notes and Disclaimers

Also please note that we assume no responsibility for any unexpected developments related to your listing here that may lead to the impairment of your online operations. If you do not have a URL and you choose to supply an e-mail address or phone number you do so at your own risk. If you offer a CONTACT option in your web site be sure it is secure. Always have anti-virus, anti-spyware and spam-killer software running on your computer.

* You will find a few exceptions to this policy. If, for example, a record label offers an mp3 library of its entire catalog which contains many repertorial classics, we will leave it to the visitor to choose for himself. There are many reasons why a new music lover may wish to sample a CD with music by Bach, Beethoven or Brahms in addition to Babbitt, Barber and Bartok. Our mission is to service the new music community first.